12 Must-Know Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Gown

Recently engaged? If so, congratulations! What an exciting time it truly is! Finding that perfect dress is a top priority on what becomes a very large to-do list. 

My country wedding was on May 18th, 2019, and my gown was the perfect fit! The process couldn’t have been smoother. Here’s the scoop, ladies! 

My first and last stop for my wedding dress was Latter Day Bride, and what a prime experience it was. Their dress selection was outstanding, and their staff took exceptional care of me and ensured that I wasn’t taking extra unnecessary steps prior to my big day. Their beautiful dressing rooms, gigantic mirrors, flattering lighting and great step-up platforms were a huge plus. 

Here are the 12 tips you must know to make your experience a smooth one – from searching for your gown, to dancing the night away in it.  

  1. Venue First, Gown Second

The venue you book will determine your wedding date, and you must have the date booked to know your dress-selection timeline. Custom ordering a dress can take roughly four months, so it’s crucial that ordering your dress is your second step. Then, everything else falls into place! 


  1. Know Your Theme

Will your big day be romantic, vintage, garden party, rustic, bohemian, modern, whimsical, formal, beachy or something totally different? It will be far easier for you to know what type of dress you’re looking for if you have first selected the theme and vibe of your wedding. 


  1. Appointments are a must! 

You absolutely want a store assistant helping you to get in and out of all the dresses you’re trying on, and to help you get an idea of what each looks like with your true fit. To ensure you have an assistant’s help, you must book an appointment. Latter Day Bride has easy online booking, but keep in mind that Saturdays are very busy at most shops. 

  1. Bring Mom Along

No one in the world cares more about sharing this experience with you than she does, so invite her! Consider turning it into a lunch and dress shopping date. Good news- Latter Day Bride has comfy couches for mom to relax on while she waits for you. 

  1. Budget

Be prepared with your price point before going into your appointment. When it comes to the total budget you have for your wedding, keep in mind that your dress really is one of the most important details. Everyone that arrives that day will want to see how beautiful you look in that dress! Fortunately, Latter Day Bride has the perfect balance between beauty and price point, making them a perfect go-to. 

  1. Get Your Details

Once you find the dress, you can request to custom adjustments to create something that will be uniquely all your own! At Latter Day Bride, I tried on a dress where I loved the peek-a-boo sides, but the dress that I eventually picked didn’t have them. So, we incorporated a peek-a-boo back coming down from the straps! You can make your gown anything you want it to be- just ask!

  1. Custom Measurements: A Must

Make sure the store you’re browsing can do custom measurements. Once your dress finally gets to you, the last thing you want is a seamstress having to do a complete overhaul of “take this in here” and “shorten that there”. I got to rest easy knowing that Latter Day Bride sent my exact measurements with my dress order. 

  1. Dare to be Different

Want to add color pop with a sash? Don’t want to wear a veil? Want to rock cowgirl boots and a jean jacket with your dress like I did? Then go for it! It’s your big day and no one else’s. I took my cowgirl boots right into my dress appointment at Latter Day Bride and they were pleased that I was prepared! 

  1. Get to Know Your Bustle

While a dress train is lovely, it’s intended for the beauty of your ceremony. Trying to get around all evening with a dragging train is not ideal, especially when you’re dancing. If your dress doesn’t come with bustle hooks already on it, have your seamstress add one. You will want to show mom or your maid of honor ahead of time how to work the bustle, as there can be multiple hooks that are really tricky to find. 

  1. Bridal Photos: To Take or Not to Take? 

You will need to decide if you want photos of you in your gown on display at your wedding. There are going to be a lot of beautiful photos taken of just you on your wedding day, but some prefer to get one task out of the way beforehand! Keep in mind that if your groom isn’t seeing you before the ceremony, the photos of you in your dress can’t be placed out until your reception following the ceremony. Additionally, if you do bridal photos, remember that it’s likely you will need to get your dress cleaned before the big day. 

  1. On the Big Day… 

Eat something light before you change. Let mom be the one to help you get into your dress, as she has waited her whole life to be part of her daughter’s special day, so let her! Make sure your garter is snug- you don’t want it slipping throughout the evening. I purchased my garters (plural- one to keep and one to toss) from Latter Day Bride. 

  1. After the I Do’s 

Getting your gown cleaned is a must, and there are a few options of how to store it. You can have a dry cleaner preserve it into a pretty box. If you don’t wish to hang onto it, you can sell it, or you can take it to a wedding dress consignment shop where it could be rented again and again. Lastly, you can keep it easily hanging in a closet. The chances of your future daughter wearing it someday are slim, but what if you renew your vows someday!? It would be so exciting to wear it again! 

From engagement through post-wedding, there are a LOT of steps for choosing and handling your dress! Use these tips to make it easy on yourself.

I really enjoyed going through Latter Day Bride because not only did they make me feel special, but they made the process easy on me! 

Happy wedding planning! And remember, it’s YOUR big day!

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