Fields of Gold

Tamy is a Brazilian that moved to Utah for school. At first her English wasn’t too good, and she had a difficulty expressing how she felt in her second language and felt embarrassed to even talk. When She met Kevin everything changed. He spoke Portuguese from serving his LDS mission in Portugal, and they quickly connected. Over the year they dated, he helped her learn English and begin building her confidence in the language. You wouldn’t believe she wasn’t born into an English speaking family when she said her vows at the altar on her wedding day. The love they had for each other was perfectly communicated in the words they spoke and deep in their eyes that stared into the others, and their first look in an intimate Provo Canyon aspen grove was filled with that same tender love.
A note from photographer Branson Maxwell:
“I am always looking for nature that inspires me. I was actually taking a family hike up near Squaw Peak when I saw some wildflowers growing along the road. I took some photos, and followed them for quite a ways. The higher up the mountain I went, the more I found and soon enough I found fields and fields of these yellow wildflowers. But, not surprisingly, I wasn’t the only photographer who knew about them. There were many others taking photos at the same place (which is fine), but for Tamy and Kevin first look photos I wanted it in a secluded and intimate spot so it could just be them two. That is why when Kevin saw Tamy in her dress for the first time, it was in a peaceful aspen groove off the beaten path.”
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