It's finally warmed up around here and we are getting some real summer weather! Thank goodness for the sunshine (of course, it's raining as I speak, but you get the picture). As you may know, in the magazine and wedding land we live a good three months ahead of the season, always planning for the next issue or a future wedding, so it's no surprise that we are already thinking fall. Today's Wedding Indulgence Wednesday features just that: rust and gold colors, changing leaves, cooler temperatures and even some fall flavors (think caramel apples!).

If you followed the #WedWed tweets this morning from Mara Marian-Harwood of Events by LMG and Jacque Riehl of Riehl Events you might have noticed Jacque was missing. She had a little tech glitch with her twitter this morning and couldn't get her tweets out, but, never fear, she'll be back next week from another round so make sure you tune in!

Until then, here are Mara and I's favorite finds surrounding all things fall:

Mara's Fave Find:

My fave this week was this beautiful, well-styled, fall wedding via The Wedding Chicks. The biggest misconception with fall weddings is that you have to incorporate a "harvest" feel. This is so untrue, there are numerous beautiful ways to incorporate natural fall hues of orange, gold, and brown without mimicking a Thanksgiving dinner spread. This wedding is a fantastic example of a clearly fall season wedding that feels beautiful without feeling "themed". Rich orange bridesmaids dresses, bold orange linens paired with gold napkins and seasonal florals make for a beautiful mix of fall colors, textures and ambiance. When working on your design, take a step back and ask yourself, "am I being too literal?" This is an important question, you have to check yourself through out the design process to ensure you're not getting carried away. Hinting at fall is key, not creating it.

Jenni's Fave Find:

For those of you that know me, you know that I love all things fall. From the fragrance in the air to the wardrobe choices, I can't get enough. So naturally, I was thrilled by today's topic. However, as Mara said above, there is quite the misconception about fall weddings being 'harvesty' and almost, well...thanksgiving-ish. Not the case. Fall is the perfect time for an outdoor weather, with the cooler temps, great food choices (I'm still thinking caramel apples! Pie!) and an array of stunning, warm, rich colors you can add to your palette. You can easily incorporate fall into your wedding with adding in pumpkins, bright orange maids apparel and a hay bail. Take a cue from this beautiful San Francisco Wedding featured on Style Me Pretty. No doubt, there is a 'fall feel' but it's ever-so-subtle. The use of warm colors on a white background makes for a gorgeous reception, and the mini cobblers evoke such a comforting fall flavor... and how can you forget that sunset over the bay?


That's it for this weeks Wedding Indulgence Wednesday! Share with us your favorite finds in the comments below and Don't forget to tune in next Wednesday at 10:30 MST on Twitter following hashtag #WedWed for another edition of Wedding Indulgence Wednesday! It's a full hour, so make sure you catch every exciting detail!