Don't get me wrong, there is nothing prettier and more romantic than an abundance of vivid color and the sweet, fresh aroma of florals at a wedding. However, a new crop of alternative bridal bouquets having been blooming this spring. From vintage brooches to sugary lollipops, personal, customized bouquets are a fun, whimsical addition to make your wedding a little bit more you. Alternative bouquets can be ordered online or at local shops, but are also super-easy DIY projects. Hand-crafted bouquets would make for a fun bridal shower activity; local craft stores carry plenty of supplies and can be a great source for inspiration. Take a peek below for some out-of-the-ordinary inspiration. Just be careful tossing this bouquet! And, as always, make sure to tell us about your favorites or share your finds with us in the comment section below!


Vintage brooches are bundled up to make a glitzy, glam bouquet

Seashells make a perfect addition for ocean side or beach-themed ceremony.

Felt and buttons add up to a touch of whimsy and fun

Buttons, pearls and crystals add an elegant, vintage-y addition

A bundle of pearls wrapped up in ribbon are a stunning centerpiece

For the bride with a sweet tooth: edible bouquets are a sugary flower replacement

Replaced flowers with feathers for a fun, funky touch

A fluttery addition to any outdoor ceremony

Go Green with a paper-bag-bouquet. Eco Chic!

Fold your flowers into an origami bouquet


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And for the DIY-ers:

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