Whether or not you are planning on pulling an all-nighter or setting your alarm for 3:45 a.m., tomorrow's Royal Wedding is only hours away and certainly worth the lack of sleep. We say gather your girlfriends and host a Royal Wedding Viewing party! Just like all those grade school sleepovers plenty of snack, crafts and toe nail painting should certainly be involved. Here's are tips for a royally wonderful viewing party:

Plan Snacks: No sleepover or wedding is complete without something sweet, like, well...cake! Will + Kate will be celebrating with a traditional British fruitcake and a chocolate biscuit (that's brit-speak for cookie) cake. You can find a replica recipe of Will's groom cake here. If wedding cake is a little more your style, why not try these Strawberry + Champagne cupcakes from With Style and Grace. Nothing says wedding celebration like champagne and cupcakes! If that looks a bit too difficult/time consuming, go ahead and pick a dozen up from Mini's cupcakes. We won't judge you.

Top those sweet treats off with these printables from TomKat Studios honoring the couple and theĀ  date. Print them off, double stick them onto toothpicks and stick them in your cuppy-cakes. Perfect party treat!

Pretty as a Princess: Obviously, you'll have a bit of time to kill while waiting for the ceremony to begin. Why not take the time for a mini pamper session? OPI has some pretty, pretty polishes that you can paint your nails and toes with to commemorate the date. Chose from "Who Needs a Prince?", "Blushingham Palace", "Royal Flush Blush" or "Princesses Rule".

Party Favors: There's still time to get party favors to hand out for your guests! Buzz on over to Bath + Body Works and snap up a few of these fun, glam glosses to hand out to your guests. For $4 a pop you can get a princess pucker with these "Kissed by a Prince" themed glosses. Too short on time? Stop by the grocery store and pick up some blue raspberry ring pops to mimic Kate's sapphire ring!

What Will She Wear?: With all eyes on Kate's gown, how can we forget fashion? Oh, wait, it's 4 a.m. We recommend pajamas, robes and some fuzzy slippers. But, for a fun theme, encourage your guests to wear a Kate-inspired fascinator, feathered hat or a tiara fit for a princess.

Make Sure You Are Covered: Most importantly, make sure you know when and where you can watch the Royal Wedding! Here's a handy guide of who to watch, where and when! I'm certainly a GMA kind of girl so I'll be tuned into channel 4 all day/night! Don't forget to watch all the pre-and-post specials!

If all else fails - set your DVR, sleep in and catchup with the rest of the world after a good night's sleep!

Will you be hosting a Royal Wedding Viewing Party? What are your plans? What are you most excited to see? Tell us in the comments section below!